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Mellow Mood Hotels

  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
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  •  Mellow Mood Hotels  Főoldali
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
  • Mellow Mood Hotels
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History of Mellow Mood Group

Mellow Mood Ltd. was founded by entrepreneurs Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad, in 1997.
Our company profile, originally focusing on the operation of youth hostels and hotels, has developed over the years into a complex network of different businesses. As Mellow Mood Group, it still achieves its main successes in tourism, although the range of enterprises has expanded with the creation of property investment, web design and accounting divisions.



Due to our experience and progress through these years, the units of our group play a leading role in Hungarian tourism, not only in marketing and selling our own hotel beds but also in other channels of tourism.The following 5 brands indicate the sections of our tourism business: Luxury Hotels, Fashion Hotels, Congress Hotels, City Hotels and Top Hostels.

The collection of hotels operating under the management of the group is constantly expanding and actually we are operating 10 hotels and hostels in Budapest. Our seasonal hostels, designed for backpackers, are open during the summer and winter holidays in student dormitory buildings.

In 2007 the first four-star Fashion Hotel was opened, the Atrium Fashion Hotel in March.

During the summer of 2008 we opened two new hotels, the three-star superior Promenade City Hotel and the four-star superior Buda Castle Fashion Hotel. The standards of our 2 new hotels indicate also that in 2008 they qualified into the member of "The Best Hotelroom"-s and were proud to receive the Best Of Budapest Award 2008 as well. Also completed in 2008 were the reconstruction and refurbishment of some of our existing properties.

The series of openings was followed by Expo Congress Hotel, in July 2009.

In 2010 two more hotels opened in downtown Budapest: the 4-star superior Alta Moda Fashion Hotel  and later on the 4-star Cosmo Fashion Hotel in the heart of Budapest.

The latest 4-star hotel of the company, La Prima Fashion Hotel Budapest has opened in March 2011.

2012 was a unique year for Mellow Mood Group: along with the opening of the 4-star Estilo Fashion Hotel and Mirage Fashion Hotel in Budapest city center, the group opened its first 5-star property, Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace as well as its first property abroad, in the city center of Vienna, the 4-star La Prima Fashion Hotel Vienna

Our company is the owner of many domain names, providing multiple channels through which potential guests may reach our properties. We also pay attention to the optimization of our homepages on various search engines.

We believe that good business results are based on mutually advantageous business relationships; for this reason we always welcome ideas or proposals in connection with our companies, properties or any future businesses.

Yours sincerely,

the Management of Mellow Mood Group

Company Philosophy

In this constantly changing world of tourism, our well qualified, professional and experienced staff are happy to welcome our guests and to provide them with up-to-date travel information.

Unique offer of accommodation, quality and comfort.

Our range of accommodation in Hungary, Budapest covers everything from hostels to five star hotels.

To provide the utmost convenience for our customers we’ve developed an on-line reservation system on our website, where they can book accommodation ranging from youth hostels to five star hotels.


Our Management

Company Catalogue