10 Things You Need to Pack for Budapest

Budapest is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, or even worldwide. Our capital has amazing architecture, museums, cultural richness and diversity, and endless options of going out. Sightseeing and relaxing is also possible, that’s why you need to watch what you pack for this trip! It doesn’t matter if you’re coming for a long weekend or more than a week, you’ll sure need these essentials!


#1 Camera

Budapest is the city where you’ll want to snap thousands of pictures. Be it the devine architecture or the cozy ruin pubs, you’ll want to show everyone the cool places you visited! None of the less your insta will blow up after you post some of these pictures!



#2 Hungarian currency: Forints

The bigger supermarkets and restaurants will accept euros, but the exchange rate is not always favourable. You might want to change in advence, and brace yourselves, we have big notes like 10.000 and 20.000!



#3 Bathing suit

Our capital is a city of thermal baths, and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity of dipping into the hot, thermal waters. Hence, you need to pack your swimsuit!



#4 Warm clothes

It depends on the time of your visit, but it might get cold in Budapest. The city is in the Pannonian Basin, so the mountains around protect us from the cold winds of the north, but from October til May it’ll get chilly, especially at night. We suggest you bring at least a leather jacket!



#5 Sunglasses

On the contrary, the number of sunny days is increasing year by year, so it’s only fair that you pack your sunglasses too! Plus it’ll complete your outfit, and looks badass with your leather jacket also.



#6 Toothbrush

It goes without saying, that a toothbrush is essential!



#7 Backpack

Budapest is a city where you’ll walk to almost everywhere. You can do several days of sightseeing, that’s why you’ll need a backpack throughout the day.



#8 Comfortable shoes

For the sightseeing, you’ll need comfortable shoes. Leave your high heels at home, you’ll only need your good old sneakers or a pair of Birkenstocks to walk around the city.



#9 Map/Apps for getting around

Google maps is your friend, but you might consider downloading some apps to help you get around. Our app for public transport (BKK application) will help you plan your journey.



#10 Dictionary

The younger generation speaks english very well, but you’ll make your stay easier if you have a dictionary downloaded and set to hungarian. “Jó napot” means “Good Day”, “Viszontlátásra” is “Goodbye” and “Köszönöm” means “Thank You”.