Cafés not to miss around Váci street

As you may know, Váci Street is one of the busiest shopping areas in Budapest, bustling with tourists. There are a couple of cafés and restaurants on the pedestrian street itself, but these are mostly crowded, sometimes overpriced, and missing the ambience of a lovely, small coffee shop.

If you stay at one of our hotels on Váci Street, you luckily don’t have to travel much, if you want to visit a cozier, more intimate café.

The southern end of Váci Street holds the Cosmo City Hotel and the Estilo Fashion Hotel. Each one provides a unique experience in the heart of the city, just a couple of minutes away from the most popular sights. The comfortable rooms are suitable for couples, families and groups of friends as well.

The three-stars Cosmo City Hotel has a friendly atmosphere and dynamic vibe, while the four-stars Estilo Fashion Hotel offers real luxury and comfort. If you choose to stay at one of these hotels, you’ll be close to everything that’s happening in the city center. In walking distance, you’ll find restaurants, bars, cafés and several bus and metro stops. The Danube River, Vörösmarty Square and Fashion Street are only a few hundred meters away, so after dinner you can take a light evening stroll in the sunset. Besides that, the tourist attractions are just a few minutes’ walk from the busy street and entertainment venues are close by. Coming home after a night of partying will not be a problem if you stay at one of the hotels in the heart of the capital.


A 5-minute walk from these hotels you’ll find the Tamp & Pull Espresso bar, just right next to the Danube. They prepare a variety of hot and cold brew coffees, biscuits, and even some Paleo options. The baristas are friendly, and help you decide which coffee to choose, depending on your mood and preferences.


(Source: WeLoveBudapest)

A little bit further down the road, near the Károlyi garden you can find the café Csendes, which has an eclectic interior design and a terrace area as well. The terrace is located just outside the park, surrounded by trees giving you a natural and calming atmosphere. In the summer it’s usually full, but it’s worth a try anyway. They offer great coffee and great dishes too! On the inside it resembles the famous ruin bars of Budapest. You won’t find two matching chairs, the walls are tagged, and the lights are dim. All of these elements add to the cozy, yet cool experience.


Just halfway between the south and the north part of the street, you’ll find Ferenciek square, with two great coffee spots. One of which is Madal Café specialty coffee shop. They offer freshly ground coffee from a range of blends and beans; they also change the menu from time to time, so you’re easily pleasantly surprised there.


Another one is Ibolya Espresso an original from the sixties. Its interior design reflects the fact that it dates back to the communist era of Budapest, but it’s actually quite amiable place to hang. You can recognize Ibolya Espresso Café by its bright neon lights.


If you continue your journey towards Astoria, you’ll stumble upon a small coffee shop called Fekete, which means ‘black’ in Hungarian. A minimalistic interior design, freshly grounded coffee selection, sandwiches and baked goods await everyone. They have cold brew on tap, coffee beans imported from Peru and Colombia and breakfast options to blow your mind.


If you are a fellow coffee-lover, make sure to check out these places, you won’t be disappointed. And stay tuned, because Budapest has a variety of lovely coffee shops, soon to be presented here in our blog!