Cool coffee places around Blaha Lujza Square

Blaha Lujza Square is one of the busiest squares in terms of transport. Many bus, tram and metro stations intersect here, but it’s easy to find a calm and delightful coffee shop nearby.

There are several Mellow Mood Hotels properties a short commute away from Blaha Lujza Square. Our four-star hotel, Atrium Fashion Hotel  is just on the corner of the square. It’s a stylish yet chic hotel, converted from a 1900s classic Hungarian apartment house. But how can you spot a Hungarian apartment house? It has an inner courtyard, and open corridors on every floor, so you can look down on the courtyard. Here, they covered the court and now it functions as the lobby and bar area of the hotel. Atrium Fashion Hotel fuses avant-garde designs with features from the previous apartment complex. If you stay here, you’re up for a unique experience!

Just a short stop away from the square you can find Atlas City Hotel, Baross City Hotel and Star City Hotel. Each one provides commodious rooms for couples, families and groups. If you’re looking for a place with a friendly atmosphere, lovely common areas and great transport, these hotels are the one’s for you! Every one of these accommodations is conveniently located a couple of minutes away from Blaha Lujza Square making moving around the city simple.

Just two corners away from the square you’ll find Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel, our one and only hostel. We have private rooms and large dormitories, also an inner courtyard, where we have organized activities between 8 and 9 in the evening.

Source: WeLoveBudapest

A couple minutes away by tram you’ll find Csiga café on the corner of Rákóczi square. This place is special because of its eclectic interior design, lovely staff and great menu! Besides coffee specialties, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, and the place is dog friendly. What more can you ask for?

Source: WeLoveBudapest

In this area, across the Grand Boulevard and a couple blocks down, you’ll find another hidden treasure, on the Mikszáth Square, called Lumen. This place is multifunctional as well, they offer alcoholic beverages and sometimes they have a DJ or live music too. Lumen has a big terrace area, a lunch menu, and a selection of Hungarian wines as well. This coffee shop has a big brother with the same name, just 3 minutes away, with a wider selection of dishes and a bigger dining area. Make sure to check out both!


Source: WeLoveBudapest

Also close to Blaha Lujza Square is Horizont café, right across the famous New York Café. Horizont is one of the newest brunch spots; they opened just a year ago. Their menu is amazing, and besides coffee they offer breakfast and speciality mocktails too. We encourage you to taste the mocktails after a cup of coffee, you won’t regret it!


If you’re going a little bit further into what we call the “party district” you’ll find Massolit café. This little gem is the perfect mélange of a bookstore and coffee shop. You can easily spend a whole afternoon here, disconnected from the city’s noise. Their book selection is fascinating and it’s mostly in English, the coffee is delicious, and the staff is friendly and helpful.


Lastly a café, that is a little extra: Solinfo café. The coffee they serve is authentic Italian espresso and it’s a two-story showroom, where you can purchase the presented objects! It’s an exciting atmosphere, a memorable mix of extravagant art and heavenly coffee. Spot it right across the great Synagogue, so after you recharge here, you can continue the sightseeing!