The Sweet Tooth Guide

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but we say dessert is. This post is dedicated to our audience with a sweet tooth; we’ve lined up a list of confectionary shops in Budapest for your sugarful pleasure. We want to awaken your inner candy-loving child, and we promise we’re not sugar coating anything! You’ll wish cheat day was every day…



They say life is like a box of macarons, full of colors and surprises and Chez Dodo delivers just that. Their macarons are vibrantly colored, and full of sweet, surprising tastes like wasabi, lavender, basil, balsamic vinegar and thyme! But what we love most about their concept is that their macarons have French names like Elise, Lou Lou, Antoine and Jean Pierre. Want to know how their scrumptious confectionaries are made? Just peak through the shop window and witness the magical process!



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Its all in the name Gel-art-o, artisanal gelato; summer or not, this is a cold delicacy you need to get your tongue on. Besides being super scrumptious, this gelato looks very pretty and instagrammable, as the ice cream is gently crafted into a rose bud! Gelarto Rosa offers a selection of tasty flavors, like mango, pistachio and vanilla, with options for vegans too. If you’re around St. Stephen’s Basilica pop in for a sweet experience!



Traditional Hungarian confectionaries with a twist of modernity are their specialty; with their 160 yearlong history of creating sweet delicacies they sure are fantastic at what they do.  Their Gerbeaud, Eszterházy and Dobos slices are exquisite, if you want to try any of these Hungarian cakes, Gerbeaud is the place to try them at! 



If you’re walking down Váci Street and you inhale the sugary scent of this Hungarian dessert you sure will be craving something on the sweeter side. What you smell is Molnár’s Kürtöskalács, a Székely Chimney Cake, baked on hot ember. They’ve added a sweet touch to an already sweet dessert, offering a selection of added flavoring, vanilla, cinnamon, walnut, almond, chocolate, coconut, cocoa and poppy-seed. Follow the candied scent all the way to this scrumptious treat! 



Donut skip dessert! Mr. Funk has everything American we know and love, donuts, bagels and milkshakes! Coconut, pistachio, Oreo, caramel, Kinder, M&M’s, candy, strawberry, banana and cinnamon are just some of the flavors you can try! Minions, Pandas, Unicorns, and Smiley’s are a few examples of the donut styles you can bite into. They’re so creative they make Willy Wonka jealous!



If it contains sugar you’ll probably find it here, this spot has all that’s sweet and fruity ranging from jellybeans and cakes all the way to macarons and ice cream! Sugar Shop entertains all your senses, your eyes will love the bright and playful colors, your nose will admire the pleasurable scents and your belly will love the mouth-watering flavors!  Even their interior and restrooms are vibrant, fun and candy-themed.