Budapest’s Margitsziget Activities

We like to think of Margaret Island as Budapest’s Hyde Park or Central Park as nature and activities fill the small Danube Island. Known as Margitsziget in Hungarian, it is located between Margaret Bridge and Arpad Bridge, it is 2.5km in length and 500 meters in width. The green oasis is a recreational park for locals and tourists, and we’re going to tell you almost everything you can do on this fun-filled island!

We’ve come up with a list of activities for you to try when you visit Budapest’s Danube Island. These activities are subject to seasons and opening times, so before you visit the island check what you can and can’t do!

So here it is, activities, sights and food on the island:

By Go-Mobility

Bring your own bike or rent one of the many different bike types, whether you want to bike alone, in pairs or in groups there’s a bike for every occasion! If you prefer something less tiresome you can choose an automatic vehicle, like an electronic scooter!

There are several areas where you can have a serene stroll like the Japanese Garden, featuring a lily pond and the Rose Garden, or if you’re feeling a little more social you can meet some animals at the Mini Zoo!

Whilst exploring the Island you can spot the Water Tower which you’re able to climb to the top and enjoy the view from. There are also several statues you can try to find on this green oasis, some are easier to spot where as some are hidden gems between trees.

Don’t forget the Musical fountain and Nuova Fontana Musicale, they both combine water and music for magical shows! Speaking of water and fun, the Island has it’s own water park and pool at Palatinus! 

The Island is filled with huge grass fields where you can picnic with friends and family! If you’d rather walk around and eat then you can find many kiosks that sell cotton candy, corn on the cob, Langos and ice cream! There are also several restaurants on the island.