Boutique Hotel’s meeting at La Prima Fashion Hotel Budapest


The Boutique Hotel section of Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association (HHRA) held its forthcoming meeting on the 29th of May at La Prima Fashion Hotel Budapest, a member of Mellow Mood Hotels Group.

István Kovács, Secretary General of HHRA participated in the meeting, he reported on the current situation of Budapest’s hotel market, and he also attracted attention to present and future dangers.

The boutique hotel segment has gone through an exceptionally fast development lately in Budapest. Their success however highly depends on market trends, like other types of hotels.

The main topics of the meeting were: The aspects of Budapest summer season as well as a summary of present and future dangers.

The members haven’t perceived full restoration of the business loss caused by MALÉV’s bankruptcy yet, and they consider June and August revenue incalculable compared to previous year. The appearance of several new competitors in the market is estimated in the near future, and also five star hotel prices are approaching four star categories’. These all together require greater attention, contiguous rethinking and development of sales strategies.

The optimal survey of the market environment and reaching better results can only be achieved by cooperation of the boutique hotels – stated Gábor Fáska Chairman of Boutique Hotel Section.

Source: Turizmus Online