Buda Castle is soon opening – a gem in the Castle District


Once it was a MAVAD center, and the elderly might remeber, that green-vested german hunters in hats were queueing in front of it. Now it’s going to be a a four-star boutique hotel in the style of baroque, constructed by Mellow Mood Group.

Buda Castle Hotel opens this summer, the image and the interioir is designed by the bureau of Kazimír Medveczky. The three floor building was born by merging the two neightboring buildings. The sophisticated architecture incorporates the palace-like milieu. It sends the message of the past living today.

Baroque style

The structure of the building was given, but the daring interioir designer used modern materials and shapes. They searched for solutions, where they can display the elegance of the baroque era without the cheesy details.

Yin and Yang 

The 24 rooms are all different, but they kind of complete each other. The dark furnitures changes to bright, and its true for the carpets too. But you can see the wood everywhere, as well as the pastel colors. Some places they used complement colors, to be a little more daring, but the whole interior imply elegance.

Just like the philosophy of Tao, the twin energy is existing together, that is how the world is in balance. The colors, shapes and the materials of the hotel complete each other and create harmony. That is why the designers avoided strong and contrasting colors, instead they tried to use the space and natural light.

Cosmopolitan world

The thick walls and the milieu of the bourgeoisie inspired the architect to invoke the cosmopolitan world, where the old and new merged together. However the building is moderate in every inch, aiming for natural beauty. Thats how a gem in the Castle District is made.

Vágó Ágnes

Vendég and Hotel: 2008. April