Buddha’s eye watches over the guests – The spirit of Asia in the newest hotel of Budapest


One of the most unique luxury hotels of Budapest awaits its guests with a real Asian atmosphere in the wonderfully renewed Klotild Palace. The Buddha-Bar in Budapest is not just a restaurant; it’s also a five star hotel. Vision of two Jordanian businessmen, Buddha-Bar arrived to the Hungarian capital following Paris and Dubai. Not only has the Buddha statue in the anteroom indicated that within these walls, eastern spiritual atmosphere is virtually dominant. This tranquility does not describes the evenings though. The audience can experience the characteristic Buddha-Bar music, played by live DJ’s

In this special place you can sense a unique feeling, as the giant Buddha actually keeps an eye on you.

The Syrian Chef, Osamam Kutaini is a real magician of Asian fusion cuisine. You can pick a selection of Thai, Indian, Japanese, Polynesian flavors, in addition you can top all that with special Buddha-Bar signature cocktails. The Buddha-Bar music, slightly known around Hungary, is the background music from 6 until 10 in the evening, making the whole original experience perfect.

The Buddha-Bar is an outstanding dining out location, augmented by maybe the trendiest, coolest five star hotel in town. This is a place where one can treat themselves to an elegant, comfy way, as he can have a fine dinner and continue the amazing evening a floor above.

Source: Világszám Online Magazin