Confhotel Development is developing for Mellow Mood


Confhotel Development is developing five hotel and 1 restaurant websites for the Mellow Mood Hotel group.

Mellow Mood Hotels has started a major web development project. Five of their hotels will receive a new website: the 3-star Atlas City Hotel and Star City Hotel, the upcoming 4-star Estilo Fashion Hotel and La Prima Fashion Hotel Vienna, as well as the 5-star Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace including the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Restaurant.

Web development is provided by Confhotel DEV, and graphics are produced in-house by Mellow Mood Hotels.

The multilingual websites feature a structure similar to the Mellow Mood hotels, combined with a content update system developed by Confhotel DEV. Multi-hotel CMS enables fast and self-contained content editing and a mobile-optimized version of web pages will be available soon.

As a result of this collaboration, the first website of Estilo Fashion Hotel is expected to be launched within 2 weeks.