Dynamic design at the new 4-star hotel in Budapest


The newest hotel in Budapest, the four-star Expo Congress Hotel, will open on July 24, 2009. Well known to the capital, the tower building is a symbol of renewal in the 21st century. With unique interior design solutions revived in the spirit of Dynamic Design.

The new Hungarian architectural studio, AMA Creation, is a new interior design concept in the Hungarian hotel industry, providing a constantly changing appearance according to the needs and the demands of the time.

The building’s developer and operator, the dynamically developing hotel group Mellow Mood Group, began the complete renovation of the house in November 2008. All levels were affected by the reconstruction, with only the basic structure of the building remaining in its original form.

The house has been expanded by an additional level, with a sectional conference room, panoramic bar and wellness and fitness section on the 12th floor.

The 160 floors of the hotel have 160 cozy and spacious rooms, both in style and service, but most importantly in terms of operation, they are also following the latest trends in economic calculations.

From the very first moment of interior design, it was an important consideration to provide the opportunity for continuous and cost-effective renewal, which is key to increasing the number of guests and the resulting financial success for modern hotels.

The standard and superior rooms and suites with air conditioning, LCD TV, mini bar, safe are designed according to AMA Creation’s design concept so that individual visual key elements can be changed easily and cost-effectively.

Thus, the partial or complete redesign of rooms can become an integral part of the operation in a well-calculated way. Real adaptability through dynamic design can give the operator a significant competitive edge over the short term, as opposed to traditional hotel operators.

Today’s cost-effective management requires prudent solutions that guarantee long-term sustainable development, which has delayed the domestic development environment. Visible and palpable hotel appearance, freshness, and careful but consistent tracking of trends play an increasingly prominent role in the competition for visitors.

“We designed the interiors of the new Expo Congress Hotel in harmony with the visual design approach and economic expectations. We tried to present the possibility of continuous renewal to the hotel right from the moment of birth” said Ágnes Horváth, senior designer of AMA Creation.

The line of hotels that have been successful throughout the world in the face of the economic crisis is an example of how a well-designed, long-term conception of design and operation that emphasizes the role of design can ensure prosperity in the hotel industry.

Background information:

AMA Creation deals with comprehensive architectural design and construction. Their work includes hotels, offices, restaurants, business premises, residential buildings and apartments. With eight years of experience in design and production, they provide their clients with a comprehensive service that offers a single solution for all design and execution tasks.