Luxury hotel with Buddha statue is opening at Ferenciek square


Klotild palace has been transformed into a luxury hotel. Buddha-Bar Hotel will open soon in the first days of June – reported by Thursday’s Global Economy. Newly renovated Klotild palace became an Asian colonial style luxury hotel, decorated with Buddha statues – written by Global Economy.

After Prague, it will be the second five star Buddha-Bar Hotel, on the corner of Kígyó street. The hotel in Budapest will open its doors in the beginning of June. The paper recalls that the renovation of the twin palace’s northern building on Ferenciek square began eight years ago. The hotel accommodates 102 rooms and suites, some of them have two or even three floors. The Buddha-Bar restaurant alongside the hotel is a famous brand not only in Prague, but also all over the world.

General design was done by Mérték Studio, while French DWA carried out the interior design of the restaurant with the six meters tall Buddha statue, and also French REV Architecture provided blueprints for other areas of the hotel. Mellow Mood Hotels Group is operating the venue, a company owned by Jordanian Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad.