Mellow Mood Hotels donation to Devecser


Mellow Mood Hotels supported the Victims of Devecser red chemical mud floods to help with reconstructions. For the second time this year the management of Mellow Mood Hotels support the Victims of the ‘Devecser’ disaster.

Following the instant donation of 1 million HUF on the 22nd of April, also known as the Earth Day, the employees Mellow Mood Hotels accompanied the Human Resource Director of Market Építő Ltd., leading the enormous pick-up truck to ‘Devecser’, to meet the local mayor at 9 a.m.

The mayor, Toldi Tamás, granted them an honorary diploma to show his appreciation for their help. As a contribution, a pile of washbasins, radiators, toilets and showers arrived with the dispatch.

Although the signs of disaster are still smothering, it is a reappearance of hope that the signs of destruction are slowly disappearing and the town is slowly changing. As a result of the alliance the soil was exchanged, the trees were cleaned and new buildings are appearing.

The management and employees of Mellow Mood Hotels are proud to have been part of this collaboration.