Our Owners were Honored with the Knight’s Cross


János Áder, the President of Hungary honored Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad with the Knight’s Cross, Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary Medal for Civilians.


The award was decreed in February in the Hungarian magazine, ‘Magyar Közlöny’, however, due to the global circumstances the recipients received their award in the past few days. They were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the development of the Hungarian hotel and real estate industry in the past 20 years.


“To be acknowledged for the work that we’ve been doing for the past 20 years is a great honor for us. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities (if not the most beautiful) in the world, and it feels wonderful to be able to increase its beauty every day. Today, the tourism industry is facing challenges that we’ve never seen before. We believe that we’re able to overcome this setback if we plan carefully and think positively. We, at Mellow Mood Hotels always work with these values at heart”. –  said the two owners, Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad.