Owners of Mellow Mood received a Gold Cross of Merit


On Friday, Lászlóné Németh, Minister of National Development, awarded the Golden Cross of the Hungarian National Cross of Merit to Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad, two Managing Directors of Mellow Mood Hotels.

Zaid Naffa, Honorary Consul of Jordan, was also present at the ceremony at the Ministry of National Development. Jordanian businessmen received the award in recognition of their indefinite achievements in domestic hotel development, a few days after the opening of the Buddha-bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace. The hotel group plays a decisive role in domestic tourism. At the award ceremony, the minister stressed that the new investment would create hundreds of jobs in Budapest and add a new color to the capital’s hotel offer, a rarity in Europe. He also emphasized that the renovation of the Klotild Palace is a remarkable monumental achievement.

At the opening, Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad thanked the prime minister, the head of state, the Consul of Jordan and their colleagues for the award. Sameer Hamdan said he started tourism in Hungary just 20 years ago and thanked the Hungarian people for giving them this opportunity.

Zuhair Awad explained that they have long wanted recognition and are now very happy to have received it. He thanked the current government for being open to the Arabs, which was successful as investors in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have already appeared in the Budapest hotel market. He emphasized that Mellow Mood is not a “group” but a large family, started with 10 people and will soon reach 800 employees.

Mellow Mood Hotels currently operates 12 hotels in Budapest and will launch in Vienna this year.

Source: www.turizmusonline.hu