Párisi Passage Café re-opens!


With the 1st of June, Párisi Passage opens its gates for the public!

Párisi Passage Café opens its doors once again on June 1st. We cannot wait to illuminate the legendary passage of Párisi Udvar, set up our tables and stock up delicious and refreshing wines, and prepare soulful desserts for you. This is our true love, our true passion: hospitality.

We created a brand new menu for our café:
Delicious snacks
15 amazing dessert specialties
An exciting wine, sparkling wine, and champagne selection
Coffee and tea varieties
You can check our full cafe menu here: https://parisipassage.hu/menu-eng.html

The safety, comfort, and health of our guests is top priority. Our colleagues will work in masks and we always disinfect our tables and menus after every use. You can check our full menu online before you order.