Six meter Buddha statue


The central motif of  the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace Restaurant opened in spring, the Buddha statue symbolizing the spirit of the place, arrived to Budapest this weekend.

The seated Buddha statue, 360 centimeters high, weighing 250 kilograms, extends to a height of almost 6 meters along with its base, thus connecting the lower level of the Buddha-Bar Budapest restaurant with the upper Lounge and Bar section. Originally from Indonesia, he has traveled half of world to impress the visitors of the Buddha-Bar Budapest restaurant with its size, colors and majestic serenity radiating from it. The artwork praises the work of Mambo Art, whose leaders came from Belgium to help create the final statue. Before he finally took his place on the foundation, to achieve a reddish-gold color, he was first given a dark gray, then a burgundy red, and finally a golden layer of paint. There are Buddha-Bar restaurants in many major cities around the world, all with different colored statues. The reddish-gold color of the Budapest Buddha is further accentuated by two huge, two-story high mirrors, the reddish lights of the restaurant and the gilded painting of the walls.

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace, the second concept hotel of Buddha Bar Hotels & Resorts, will open its doors in spring 2012, offering the highest quality 5-star facilities. The hotel, with 6 restaurants and spas housed in the building, invites the senses for a special trip. The unique concept was created by the George V Eatertainment Group, which operates several well-known and successful Buddha-Bar restaurants in the world, including Paris, Dubai, Beirut, Cairo and Kiev. The original interior design was dreamed up by Raimond Visan and the DWA Architects team.