Syrian Star Chef is travelling to India


The five-star Buddha-Bar Hotel in the renovated Klotild Palace offers Asian-Pacific cuisine, and the menu is expanded with authentic Indian cuisine inspired by New Delhi’s sister restaurant on March 15-21.

Osama Kutaini, a chef from Syria, who has been living in Hungary for years, is preparing a menu for the Indian week of the restaurant

There will be food dishes such as the spicy apricot bucket under the hands of Kutain, including the soft naan bread with a cheesy filling, the classic tandoori lamb chops with yeast rice or the spicy Indian chai crème brûlée.

The dinner would not be the same without chutney, which started its conquering way from India.

Of course, the main dishes include one of the most popular Indian dishes, chicken tikka, served with chickpeas and chickpeas dahll, a spicy vegetable dish made from husked and halved legumes.

It is also not surprising that in the menu bar the unadulterated tandoori lamb rib must be included, which fans of indian food know really well.

But for those who feel lost in the realm of diverse Indian cuisine, let’s say the classic Indian catch includes the meat from yoghurt, lemon and a mixture of spices – including cumin, ginger, coriander, turmeric, red pepper, Cayenne pepper and crushed garlic – dressed with sauce and then grilled.

Next to the Buddha-Bar Hotel’s Indian weekly tandoori lamb, biryani rice will be a garnish, its name indicates that the food is gently roasted.

Perhaps the most special of the main courses is the crab masala. The menu ends with a truly delicious, creamy dessert, served with spicy Indian chai crème brûlée with cardamom, strawberry, kiwi and sponge cake.

Indian Week will have its own cocktail. The Maristi Vereby-Csethe bartender Mistique’s creation was inspired by the atmosphere and taste of a thousand-face country. The cool drink is based on full-bodied Indian Amrut whiskey, with coriander, mint, cumin and black pepper, as well as lime and mango.