Bodies2 exhibition hostel is a partner of Mellow Mood Hotels


The world’s most spectacular and most visited exhibition, “BODIES Revealed”, hosted by Mellow Mood Hotels, has once again arrived to Hungary. Across 1,700 m2, 9 rooms, 11 bodies and over 200 body parts can be viewed.

The Bodies exhibition, which has so far attracted 28 million visitors worldwide, attracted 300,000 curious visitors four years ago, even in the last hours of the event, standing in front of the entrance of Király Street, hundreds of thousands of Hungarian visitors could not see the exhibition.

The current exhibition focused more on dissemination and education. The visitor becomes more familiar with the functioning of his or her own body. According to an agreement between VAM Design Center and Mellow Mood Hotels, the exhibitors were hosted by the 4-star Expo Congress Hotel and transported by the hotel’s own minibus. The manager of the exhibition first stayed at the 4-star La Prima Fashion Hotel in Budapest, then at the 4-star Atrium Fashion Hotel.

The procedure was developed by Günter von Hagen in 1977. In essence, they extract the juices, greases from the tissues and fill them with plastic. This makes it odourless and almost eternal. The exhibition will show the inside of the lungs, the vascular network and the location of the bronchi. Otherwise, they could not be created simply by injecting plastic into them and then scraping off the tissues.

At this exhibition, they show what only doctors and medical students see on the inside of the human body . Liquid silicone preserved preparations present elements of the bone, musculature, nervous system, and circulatory, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems as a three-dimensional anatomical atlas. The visitor learns that 75 billion cells in our body are classified into about 200 different cell types, and that the smallest bones in the body are the hammer, anvil and sting in the skull’s temporal bone and that an infant has more bones (300) than an adult (266).

Our bones make up only 14% of our fat-free body weight, yet they are extremely strong, four to five times stronger than mild steel. It can be seen that it affects the movement of our eyes, while the lifting of our arms requires the coordinated operation of nine muscles. And when you read this information, you show a surprised expression, thanks to the 16 muscles working together. If all our muscles worked at the same time, we would be able to lift up 10 tons.

Few people know that the brain makes up one-tenth of a newborn’s body weight, the same figure in adults is only one-fifty, but the number of our neurons is constant. The characteristic sound of the heartbeat is caused by the swirling flow of the closed heart valves. The visitor can compare healthy and smoky lungs or healthy and shrunken livers. At the exhibition, which is open until July 31, the newly graduated doctors will guide, assist visitors and answer their questions in the VI. District 26, Király Street at the Vam Design Center.