The Bradt Travel Guides team stayed at Mellow Mood Hotels


The research team of The Bradt Travel Guides and Simonseeks online travel guide, led by Adrian Phillips, explored Budapest’s attractions and events this summer. To collect material for publishing in the brand new edition of the Guide, several travel writers arrived to the Hungarian capital, staying at  hotels from Mellow Mood in different categories…

In order to get the most comprehensive idea about the services of the running and of the lately opened hotels.

Selena and Dug MacArthur, Roger Norum, Adrian Phillips and Mónika Illés stayed 2 nights in Budapest, when the crew rested at the 3-star Atlas City Hotel and Promenade City Hotel and at the 4-star Cosmo Fashion Hotel and La Prima Fashion Hotel. During their short trip they visited several Budapest sights, tasted the Hungarian specialities and explored the beauties of downtown Budapest.

The faithful narrative of their experiences, the next edition of the Guide will be issued early 2012.