The owner-managers of Mellow Mood Hotels on Juventus Radio


Originally they came to Hungary in order to study, then they started to get to know their proffesion at the Eastern Railway Station. In the beginning their work consisted of filling up youth hostels and later on operating them. They founded Mellow Mood Group in 1997.

Today they are owners of multiple hotels located in Budapest and whilst they are expanding abroad  they want to surprise the Hungarian capital with the renovation of the Párisi Udvar. They have around 700 employees and in 2012 they were awarded with the Hungarian Golden Merit Cross, which recognized their merits.

In Richard Thuróczy’s show the duo, who rarely speaks in public, talked about the amount and type of workload that is necessary for someone to get to the point where they are now. The types of innovative opportunities concerning the Hungarian hospitality and tourism were also revealed.