There is a demand for unknown architectural styles – The Buddha-Bar Hotel opens


The Klotild Palace has been transformed into a uniquely decorated luxury hotel, where the Buddha-Bar Hotel in Budapest will open in early June. The hotel will be dominated by an Asian-colonial style that is yet to be seen in Budapest.

Second in the world, after Prague, the luxury five-star Buddha-Bar Hotel opens in Budapest at the Klotild Palace on the corner of Kígyó Street and Ferenciek Square. The site was chosen for a 110-year-old building, the twin palaces of the 19th century. At the turn of the 20th century, they became decisive parts of Budapest’s skyline. The northern building, soon to be reopened as a hotel, received numerous bomb hits during the war, making it the only remaining monument outside the facade, the historic staircase. The parts of the building that were destroyed in the war were modeled on the other southern building. The remodeling began about eight years ago, with plans for an office building first, but the concept was later rebuilt and the renovation began to match the design of a hotel.

The unique character of the hotel chain is characterized by Asian-colonial interior design solutions with French elements, which bring a new color to the Hungarian hotel market. The luxury hotel has 102 above-average rooms and suites, some of which have several floors. The overall design work was done by the Measure Studio, the interior design of the Buddha-Bar Budapest restaurant by the French DWA and the other areas of the hotel by the French REV Architecture.

The right to operate the hotel was acquired by the Mellow Mood Hotels group, founded in 1997, which now plays a major role in Hungarian tourism.

Owners of Mellow Mood Hotels, Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad told the World Economy that the development of the Budapest Buddha-Bar Hotel was justified by the need for new developments and projects in the Hungarian capital, especially in the segment where the company is active. At the hotel group, we strive to strengthen our presence in the city center by opening and operating unique style hotels in the fashion hotels and luxury hotels brands, which are recognized by the profession and the international travel community.

Source: World Economy