Two years evaluation by the General Manager of Hungarian Tourism JSC – in Buddha-Bar Budapest Klotild Palace


On the 2nd of July it’s been exactly two years since Gergely Horváth’s nomination as General Manager of Hungarian Tourism JSC. On the occasion of that, and also a propos of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office’s newly released, final numbers of 2011, the head of the marketing organization held a press conference regarding the achievements of the past two years and the future goals to be achieved.

The event was hosted in the recently opened, exclusive and compelling Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace. The attendance also had the opportunity to take a short tour in the hotel after the conference.Gergely Horváth emphasized, that the main purpose two years ago was to get started with a new approach, a sales driven attitude, to realize more cooperation with the market participants and also to reform the organization to be more efficient.

The figures indicates that the volume of domestic tourism in 2011 have exceeded the pre-crisis period, which is a standalone achievement among the sectors. According to the final data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the number of guests staying in commercial accommodations (8 021 069 people) have increased by 7,3% in total and 5,4% in terms of guest nights (20 615 517 nights) compared to 2010. The structure of the sending countries has also changed. Besides the great potential of the emerging distant countries, the growth of the neighbouring markets is promising as well. However, Gergely Horváth highlighted the fact that the capacity of the commercial accommodations have been raised by 8,2%, and even though the revenues hit the level of 2007, the inflation was 22% at the same time, so there is still much to improve. Therefore the marketing organization will make a greater effort cooperating with market participants, and will continue the already successful campaigns home and abroad.

In reply for a reporter’s question it has been stated that the target budget of tourism for next year is 12,5 billion forints. The marketing organization expects a larger share than last year.