World Tourism Day at Mellow Mood Hotels


On 27th September, the official day called World Tourism Day, the hotels of Mellow Mood also joined the campaign, introduced by the Hungarian National Tourist Office. The aim of it was, that tourists staying in Hungary that day should be gifted with a little extra attention above the everyday services.

The 4-star Congess hotels and Fashion Hotels of the company stylishly offered tasty Hungarian wines, champagne and freshly-baked scones to their guests to show their gratitude upon this celebration. A group that arrived on this day to the 3-star Baross City Hotel, a member of the City Hotels brand, received a large box of chocolate, while the group leaders celebrated with champagne.

At Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel that offers the services of a 2-star hotel but is also perfect for backpackers with its cosy dormitory rooms, the enthusiastic crew made special arrangements for this important day. A talented colleague, Kovács-Márkus Krisztina – not sparing time and creativity – prepared a Hungary-shaped and coloured cake, with a tiny sugar-made Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel as the icing on the cake. The delicious dessert was cut at a pre-announced little party organized in the open courtyard, where guests and crew-members celebrated together.

The small feasts were welcomed by the guests at every hotel and they certainly will return home with nice memories of their Budapest stay.
Photos about the events