Party District in the heart of the city: get to know Budapest’s nightlife!

The classic little streets with magnificent buildings, the Palace of Buda and the Heroes’ Square are just a few examples of why this city is so loved. You can admire Budapest from the Gellért Promenade or take part in the history of the Castle District.

However, many attractions in itself would not be enough to attract young people from all over the world to Budapest. You need a sparkling nightlife, plenty of entertainment venues, and lots of party opportunities to complete your stay after a day of sightseeing.


High-quality nightclubs

From anywhere in the city center, you are almost certainly within walking distance of a nightclub. You can choose from many different styles of music and venues, from small underground bars with live guitar concerts, to big party arenas.

The Budapest Party District – headquartered in the VI. district and Király Street – is the busiest nightlife district in the city. In this area there are dozens of cafes, pubs, nightclubs and bars. In addition to Király Street, there are also awesome places on Wesselényi Street, Akácfa Street and Kazinczy Street.

The area is particularly well-suited for parties and more parties, as everything is on offer: delicious meals, great drinks and high-quality entertainment venues. How long does the party goes on in the party district? If you want to find out, head to Rákóczi út – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út – Körút – and Deák Ferenc Square, collectively called the center of nightlife in Budapest.


If you just want a delicious meal and drink

If you do not like dancing and just want a delicious drink with your friends and acquaintances, there are plenty of opportunities in the party district. Pubs and bars await you with delicious cocktails or your fill of any of your favorite drinks. Those who prefer a fine beer can choose from various craft beers and specialties at the local ruin bars.

For starters, take a look at 0,75 bistro, which is located near the St. Stephen’ Basilica. Here you can choose from a variety of Hungarian wines, and delicious dishes. For those who are unable to choose, they offer a wine tasting menu, with three wines.

If you prefer beers, than Horizont Taproom is a great destination. It’s a craft beer bar in the Gozsdu Courtyard, where anyone can taste special beers from all around the world.

(Photo: WeLoveBudapest)

If you’re looking for a place to have a cocktail, one of the best bars in the district is the Boutiq’Bar. This underground place has a thick cocktail menu, and it’s only a few minutes from Deák Ferenc square.

This area also doesn’t disappoint if you only want to eat a delicious meal and try the best street food in Budapest. Walking amongst the streets you can discover healthy meals and mexican dishes, and of course the masterpieces of Turkish and Italian cuisine are not lacking either.

On the corner of Kazinczy and Wesselényi street you’ll find a street food court called Karaván, with a great variety of food trucks. Here you can find bbq, the famous langos, or vegan options as well.

If you want to try out Medditerrean and Middle Eastern specialities, than Dobrumba is your place! It is located on the corner of Dob and Rumbach Sebestyén street (hence the name), and has a lovely atmosphere. They’re pet friendly too!

The Gozsdu Courtyard offers a variety of options for the more sophisticated palate, both foods and drinks. These bars and restaurants may cost a little more, but the ambience and the location is totally worth it! This place has its own skybar, but make sure to check out the other rooftop bars of Budapest too!

The 360 Bar on Andrássy avenue awaits you with great drinks and a stunning view of Budapest!

Ruin bars paradise

Ruin bars are becoming increasingly popular in Budapest as a whole, so you must check out these exciting places. Many of the more than 100 ruin bars in Budapest can be found in this area. Here, for example, is the Szimpla Kert that opened in 2004, which was the first of such places in town.

For example: visit Fogasház in the center of the district, and discover this ruin bar which turns into a nightclub after 22.00h. It has several floors and numerous rooms, each presenting a different genre of music.

Why do they call them ‘ruin’ bars? These are bars and restaurants established in ruined old buildings that have not been renovated to preserve the spirit of the place. The classical buildings in the city center are popular in this way: they are a real spectacle in daylight, and young people and entertainment take over at night.


Hotels around the Party District

In the heart of the city, not only the entertainment is endless, but there are plenty of excellent accommodations just steps away from the best places to visit. Among the Mellow Mood Hotels collection in the neighborhood or nearby, our establishments are wildly popular among young people. The best options include Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel, Atrium Fashion Hotel, Baross City Hotel, Star City Hotel and Atlas City Hotel.

Visitors to this area do not have to put up with the noise of the night. The places of entertainment always take into account the people who are here, so as not to disturb those who do not want to party. There is also good public security in the area: many cameras and police patrols ensure a safe environment to all visitors.


Daytime activities in the party district

If you want to get away from the nightlife and see all the attractions in the neighborhood, there are plenty of program opportunities in the party district. It offers an exceptionally beautiful view of Budapest from above, from the top of the Budapest Eye. The Ferris wheel set up on the Erzsébet square offers a view of the shore of the Danube, the Buda Castle and some of the most monumental buildings in the capital.

If you want excitement, there are dozens of options in this area. In the company friends, it will be too easy to find hours of excitement and relaxation.


You do not have to go far for culture either

Apart from the wild nights, everyone wants a little peace, tranquility and relaxation. Of course, this is also possible. If you want to unwind after a night out, we have a chance to see a super play at the Örkény Színház Theater or walk around Klauzál Square. The Underground Railway Museum is there for museum fans and more.

(Örkény Theater)


The party district can be reached from anywhere by car or public transport. The tram that runs on the circuit – which takes a few minutes – or the M3 subway station is in the gate of the Party District. Taxi drivers are ready to looking for gold mines, as they would like to take passengers from any place of entertainment at any time, so you are sure to find an available taxi within a few meters. Guests arriving from abroad can also quickly reach this part of the city center as Király Street is only half an hour from the airport by car. For night owls (who do not wish to party), there is a shop or two that open 24 hours.