Unique Souvenirs in Memory of a Unique City

Budapest is a unique city, so it’s only fair that the souvenirs and memorabilia you take home with you are just as distinctive. If you can’t think of anything but a “Hungary” pen or Paprika to take home, we’ve got some ideas for you. Whether you like a classic souvenir, one for a friend or something plastic-free, we’ve got you covered!




Sometimes we don’t purchase souvenirs for ourselves, but for our friends and family. This time don’t forget to gift your fluffy friend and fuzzy family members. Hungary is on the list of top 20 in dog, cat, bird and fish populations, we just love our pets! So why not remember Hungary and it’s approximate 2.8 million dog population, with a special something for your best friend. How about that as a unique souvenir for an equally unique city?

Perhaps you’re visiting St. Stephen’s Basilica, one of BP Shop‘s stores is a stone’s throw away, pop in and pop out with a present for your precious little pet!












If you’re one of our environmentally conscious readers we’ve got something for you! Printa has a Zero Waste line, so how does a reusable, plastic-free and organic souvenir sound? Budapest is gradually blooming into an eco-friendly city, around 10,000 new trees have been planted since 2016, the “TeSzedd” initiative helps with cleaning up the city, a push for recycling is happening, up and coming organic, environmentally conscious brands are being founded and many more planet-friendly actions are taking place!

Help Budapest push its climate and planet-friendly agenda by purchasing, reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly souvenirs. What’s a better souvenir and memory than helping a picturesque city, become more beautiful and by preserving planet Earth?




Perhaps you love a usual and traditional souvenir, like a fridge magnet. Well then here are some untypical, typical souvenirs for you! Confused? If your fridge is already decorated with a collection of magnets from different capitals or perhaps you always send your loved ones a postcard from every city you tour, how about an urban life inspired twist to your travel customs. Urban Sidewalker is a design group that bloomed in Budapest, it offers a range of city inspired maps, postcards, fridge magnets and more. If you’re into more customized items, they’re more than happy to create something for you.

If you’re exploring the Jewish Quarter pay them a visit, and treat yourself to a unique design, exceptionally created for this remarkable city!